Texas rapper Solo Lucci has recently appeared on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, and he's now readying a new project titled 13. One of the songs from the project is "Foreign Money," and its accompanying video has arrived.

The wild video stars Solo Lucci jumping out of a luxury car, in the lot of a gated mansion. He immediately starts rapping energetically, and is slowly joined by his friends. The scene then switches to the backroom at a strip club, where he makes it rain on all the girls present. A few more shots of the strippers play out, and Lucci eventually speeds off in his car.

Lucci fits onto the beat perfectly, comically bragging about how he lives. "50,000 on a cross and I ain't even Christian/Fucked your bitch, gave her a band and I ain't switch positions," he raps. "Pinky cost a 20 nigga, that's a chicken/Rollie cost a 30, it don't do no tickin'/Necklace cost a birdie, I done hit a lick or two/Draco on me, I'll bust a nigga shit in two."

Solo Lucci isn't a newcomer. In 2013, he dropped a video for "RIP Tupac," a chilling tribute to the slain rap legend. A few years later in 2016, he shared the video for "Money Come," where he shows how he'd live if he was rich.

Watch Solo Lucci's "Foreign Money" video below.

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