At long last, Ski Mask The Slump God's YouWillRegret project has a release date. He revealed the date, which is June 30, in a preview video earlier today. Peep the clip for it below.

Featuring a dark, kaleidoscopic mix of staticky infomercial footage, horror movie clips, edited out pornography scenes and videos of Ski himself, the trailer—which was produced by up-and-coming visual artist, Metro Blu—is pretty damn creepy. After the seemingly random, but somehow cohesive bits of footage are finished playing, the clip ends with the project's title—written in cheesey horror movie font—being overlaid onto the screen.

YouWillRegret is the first of two mixtapes he plans to drop this year. The other one's called Book Named Eli.

While Ski initially planned to use his rap success to flex on doubters, he's since moved beyond that. He said as much when we profiled him for The Break a couple of months back.

“At first, before I started blowing up, [my goal was] to shit on niggas who was talking shit, saying I couldn’t do it," the XXXTentacion affiliate told XXL at the time. "Now my goal in hip-hop is to have fun. Not everybody has to be a lyricist, not everybody has to be the best, like J. Cole or some shit. The fact that people can have fun… even back then, Kid ‘n Play wasn’t a lyricist, saying good shit about people’s health and shit, they were talking about fucking hoes and all that shit. So I want to make people have fun again, and show people that people can just rap and snap.”

Check out the YouWillRegret trailer for yourself below. XXL has reached out to Ski's team for confirmation of the release date.

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