Ski Mask The Slump God is making yet another big move, and this time, it's with the folks at Luc Belaire.

Today (March 23), the brand announces its partnership with the ascendant Florida rapper, who's just been added to a roster of Luc Belaire global ambassadors that includes the likes of DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Steve Aoki, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Dave East and more. Sounds like a squad.

For his part as a global ambassador, Ski, who should have a new project soon with Beware the Book of Eli, will be working with the entire spectrum of wines from the brand, including Luc Belaire's top-selling Belaire Rosé, elegant Belaire Luxe and sophisticated Belaire Gold.

While Ski Mask is dealing with a lot of Luc Belaire's product, the Luxe Champagne is his favorite. "It’s my shit," Ski tells XXL. "Taste so smooth and I like the look of the bottle—really fancy."

According to Ski, it was the brand's history with other hip-hop luminaries and a sense of genuineness that brought the new alliance into existence.

"Belaire actually ended up reaching out to me and I was like, 'Oh, hell yeah. Niggas need to work with Belaire!" Ski reveals. "I been seeing other people work with Belaire like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and stuff like that. But other than that, I just wanted to work with them because they showed me mad love and were genuine when we were locking in the deal. For me, it had to make sense and be genuine and this partnership definitely felt that way."

Vinick Dias
Vinick Dias

With his endlessly dexterous flows and trippy videos, Ski's positioned himself firmly at the forefront of hip-hop's new guard. Now, he's transferring the energy of the new generation to the world's fastest growing French sparkling wine brand, Luc Belaire.

"I’m gonna bring the youth to the brand," Ski shares of what he's got to offer Luc Belaire, which is produced out of Eastern France. "That’s one thing I bring to the table for them. Also, I bring originality and I bring the genuine side of me, so people that are genuine will appreciate what me and Belaire about to do. I’m really excited for what’s to come with Belaire."

That originality and genuine attitude should have no problem meshing well with Luc Belaire. After all, in a world where creators have to find their own path to compete with big corporations, its owner Brett Berish believes Ski Mask and Luc Belaire are more similar than not. It goes beyond music.

"I look at it more as a personal thing," says Berish, who's a fan of Ski Mask and his maverick spirit. "Everything I've ever done is trying to go against the grain—trying to stand out. I'm never going to be the biggest company or the biggest brand out there, so I need to do things differently and Ski Mask is that. He's somebody whose beating to his own drum. He's following his own pattern. His own influence and it's different, and I get that. I appreciate that so to me he's exactly who we want to be affiliated with and be a part of."

Since Luc Belaire has frequently aligned itself with the rap world's elite, a partnership with Ski Mask continues that tradition. As a longtime rap fan and lover of art, it's always made sense for Berish.

"I'm a huge fan of music," Berish reveals. "I'm a huge fan of artists. Hip-hop artists are individuals. I'm old. I've been doing this for a long time, so I've always loved hip-hop. I've always loved music so it's been natural and easy."

Hip-hop's also a fan of Luc Belaire. "It's completely organic," Berish affirms of how his partnerships with rappers come about. "Everybody we've ever worked with, if it's a working relationship, they have been fans of the brand first. They've wanted to work with us. They've wanted to do things and show love to the brand. Khaled was that way. Ross has been that way. There's been an affinity for what we've been doing. If they appreciate you they want you."

While Luc Belaire is now one of hip-hop artists' go-to drinks for fine wine, Berish didn't always foresee this happening. "No, I didn’t," Berish admits when asked if he expected the brand to become a favorite of the rap world. "All the brands we ever created have been about the brand," he adds. "It’s about what’s inside bottle what it taste like. What it feels like. What it does to you and if I can achieve what I think is inside the bottle, people are going to appreciate it. To me, that’s why I love music so much it’s the same thing with music, if it appeals to you as an individual it will expand beyond that."

While having a healthy appetite for fine wine and hip-hop can definitely help connect different worlds, it doesn't guarantee a partnership. It's helped a lot, though, by just keeping it real. "More than anything for me, there has to be a genuine friendship and relationship," Ski Mask says of what he believes to be the ingredients of a fruitful alliance.

"Like for me to work with someone I have to know who I’m working with so I can learn how to deal with each other and try to help each other," he adds. "At the end of the day, it really just comes down to building a genuine relationship. I think that’s a very important factor in business."

What's next from Ski Mask and Luc Belaire? "Expect a lot of dope things to come on the way!" states the Slump God. "I just did a great interview with Brett, the owner of Luc Belaire, and that’s one of the things in the works, but we got a lot more in store."

Be on the lookout for Luc Belaire's Self Made Tastes Better interview series featuring Ski Mask, as well as his own limited edition luminescent Belaire Fantôme bottle.

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