Ski Mask The Sump God's fans are honoring the 2018 XXL Freshman's first studio album Stokeley in a unique way.

On Wednesday (Dec. 18), fans began noticing the album cover for Ski's debut effort in random places inside department stores across the country. Social media users posted photos of the cover in picture frames, birthday card sections, arts and crafts aisles and plenty more in stores like Urban Outfitters, Walmart, City Furniture, and Bed Bath & Beyond. But that's not all.

The album cover even appeared on the walls of colleges from coast to coast like California State University, Long Beach and Florida State University. Some fans even took things a step further by replacing family photos in picture frames with the album cover inside their own homes. After catching up to all his fans' tweets and photos, Ski Mask responded to the phenomenon happening everywhere.

"I’m Dead Loving These Pictures Of The Stokeley Cover Art Every where," Ski tweeted. "Let’s Make This A Thing."

The presumably fan-driven promotional campaign started after Ski Mask squashed his beef with Vic Mensa. Last week, the "Nuketown" rapper revealed the truce to TMZ, who spotted the rapper in the airport. The South Florida rapper said it took some work behind the scenes to get it done.

"Basically, a lot of shit was going on in the back end with me and Vic Mensa," he said. "It could have got to more dangerous shit than it...we stopped it. Me and Vic Mensa, our people talked, basically we just deaded it from where it was going 'cause it was going in a dangerous route. It's enough Black violence, it's enough gun violence. There's enough young people with money out here wasting their careers on stupid shit like that. We both figure it's smarter to just dead that shit."

Check out Ski Mask The Slump God's Stokeley album cover in department stores and universities nationwide below.

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