Ski Mask The Slump God is leveling up. The Florida rapper has earned a new certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. His “Catch Me Outside” single, which was originally dropped via SoundCloud last year, has officially been certified gold.

Released in the summer of 2017, "Catch Me Outside" was certified gold on Nov. 2. On the track, Ski Mask empties out an entire clip of tight flows and interesting wordplay.

"Naruto nine-tailed fox coat fur/I feel like a Gucci ad-lib, burr!/Colder than Coca-Cola mascot, polar bear/Put my sauce on lasagna it could make Garfield purr (Prr)," Ski raps on the track.

As fans can recall, the single used the instrumental for the Timbaland-Produced Missy Elliott classic "She's a Bitch.” Missy would end up co-signing the record a short while after its release.

Recently, Ski Mask The Slump God and fellow 2018 XXL Freshman Lil Pump teased their forthcoming collaboration on social media.

Congrats to Ski Mask The Slump God on his single "Catch Me Outside" being certified gold!


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