Shy Glizzy is going through an awesome point in his career. The young DMV native has been enjoying the success of his last project, Young Jefe, which was put out in February. From that mixtape, the hit single "Awwsome" has slowly but surely turned into the biggest song of Glizzy's young career, even spawning a remix off the record that features A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz that has grabbed more than 750,000 streams on Soundcloud in the eight days since it dropped.

Now gearing up to release the third installment of his Law mixtape series, the Glizzy Gang general seeks to takeover the industry on a major scale after spending most of his 2014 locked up in the studio recording countless records.

During his recent stop in NYC for CMJ, Shy Glizzy stopped by the XXL offices to speak on his upcoming Law 3 mixtape, the success of "Awwsome," his friendship with Birdman plus much more. —Roger Krastz

XXL: How did you get A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz on the remix to “Awwsome”?
Shy Glizzy: A$AP Rocky was the first person to reach out. He really fucked with the song and he said he listened to it every day. Rocky asked if he [could] hop on the track and I was all about it. I sent him the song and he did his thing. Then 2 Chainz reached out and he said he wanted to hop on it, so I couldn’t say no to 2 Chainz. I’ve been a fan of his since he was Tity Boy in Playaz Circle, so that was major for me. But I feel like both their verses fit each other. They complimented the song well, so that’s why I decided to go with them. But a lot of people were reaching out to me to get on the record.

Did you guys record the remix in the studio together?
Rocky was out of the country so he sent me the verse, and with 2 Chainz I was in the A with him for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, so then that Monday he did the verse for me.

You dropped the song originally back in January. Why do you think the record is still buzzing and growing across the States 10 months later?
It’s a solid record. I think everybody can relate to feeling awesome. It’s a record that you can listen to every day and even 10 years from now. It's just self-esteem music, real music, but it’s still true to me.

When you recorded the song, did you think it was a hit record right away?
I knew it was a hit the minute I did it on the spot. It was like 5 in the morning. I knew the record was out here when we finished it.

How has your life changed after dropping the Young Jefe mixtape?
Everything changed. The streets gravitated to the music and they love it. I put the project out and my lifestyle changed. I’m actually a boss, I’m a jefe. The mixtape is still buzzing out here and I mean I haven’t dropped anything since February, so look at me now.

I hear there may be a possible project with you and Cardo in the works. How true is this?
I have an EP coming soon with Cardo. It’s called Glizzy Got Wings. I love his sound and he loves mine. He got a unique sound and I have a unique sound. You know it’s a Cardo beat when it drops, and when I make my music you know that’s my song. He was one of the first producers to really show me love and that was on a mainstream level. Now we just talk on a regular basis.

So when does Law 3 drop? What’s the difference between this mixtape and the previous two of the series?
It drops Nov. 18. Law 3 shows my growth as a rapper. I don’t really like maintaining, so on every project I’m going to show you my growth. I’ve been in the studio every day working on Law 3, so I’m on a bigger level and my music is getting bigger and better. It’s going be hosted by DJ Drama, and I got production from Young Chop, Cardo, EA and Zay.

Who are some of the features on this project?
Glizzy Gang, Young Dolph, Migos and Waka Flocka. I wasn’t really too big on features on this project because really I was working by myself these last couple of months. I was just letting Young Jefe do what it do, and I was just working every day. I wasn’t really trying to link up with anybody. I have my own artists with Glizzy Gang.

I’m sure you're being offered deals by record labels right now. Any chance of you signing with a label in the near future?
All I have to say is we independent. Glizzy Gang is independent.

Why do you think so many people are attracted to your independent movement?
The authenticity and the fact that it’s genuine. Glizzy Gang is a real movement. They had movements back when I was younger in the '90s, but you don’t really have a major movement in the 2000s. You just catch a hit record like “Awwsome” and just be out of here, but people are attracted to Glizzy and they fuck with me. They want to be a part of the movement not just as fans. I make my fans feel like they are part of the movement and if you a fan of the movement you’re going to feel like you ride with me.

What has to be the biggest moment of your young rap career thus far?
Probably when I met with Birdman. Him talking to me every day and giving me advice that makes me want to wake up and do what I have to do every day. That’s motivated me to be where I’m at. He was the reason why I went hard and was in the studio with Boosie the other day, so that made me feel awesome. He tells me to go hard every day and if I wasn’t Glizzy Gang then I would be Rich Gang.

How was it working with Boosie?
It was awesome. He mess with me and I’m a huge fan of Boosie. Him reaching out to me was crazy, and I did a song for him so that was big for me.

Any possible tours on the way?
We may link with somebody to do a tour, I can’t really get into details with that, but if I could choose somebody to go on tour with it would automatically be Boosie. I don’t feel even comfortable going on tour with someone else, and be with somebody for so many dates, so if I do tour with someone they have to be authentic and genuine like me.