Scarface season approaches. On Wednesday (July 26), the rap legend uploaded a tantalizing video of himself in the studio, pretty much announcing the coming of a brand new album. Check out the preview below.

In the clip, we see Face vibing out to some music playing in the studio. N.O. Joe is in there with him, and from the look and sound of things, they're doing some serious work in preparation for the Houston rapper's latest offering to the rap world—and he knows it, too.

"So I'm in the studio, and the fucked up part about me being in the studio is, I'm in the studio with this nigga," Scarface says in the video as he motions toward Joe. "And the fucked up part about me being in the studio with that nigga means somebody's in trouble." From there, Face begins to play some new music, and it sounds incredible.

This announcement feels sort of random, but if you've been paying attention to Scarface's tweets lately, you can tell he was eager to jump back into a new project. A strong competitive spirit could be what's pushed him to jump into a new album, which will be his first since 2015's Deeply Rooted.

"Zro Big boi Titty boy khali and hov shit make me wanna go back in..... thank you!!!" Face wrote in a tweet last month, praising Z-Ro, 2 Chainz, Big Boi and JAY-Z for their work on their most recent albums. "And Nas just make me wanna go back in period..... #salute them cats," he wrote in a tweet a short while later. Sounds like he's ready to go.

Check out Scarface and Joe's previews below.

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