Though Scarface has often seemed invincible--or at least impervious to external threats--reports out of the Texas legend's camp have raised concerns about his health. According to a report from Billboard, the rapper was hospitalized in Houston after a June 30 Geto Boys concert in Albuquerque.  Reps from Scarface's camp say he is now at his home recovering; details as to the nature of his hospital stay or current condition are scant. His group mate Willie D had the following to say:

"Today when I woke up, my mobile text messages and social media inboxes were inundated with comments seeking information about Scarface’s medical condition," Willie D said. "I am not at liberty to speak on his condition, and wouldn’t even if I was, as it is a private matter, but I will say that he is in good spirits, and sends his love to all who have supported him throughout his career, and personal life. Although I’m his bandmate, I’m also a Scarface fan, so I know it’s hard for you guys not having details, but I will try to keep you updated as much as I can without invading his privacy. Thanks and say a prayer for my homey!"

That statement appears on the Geto Boys' Kickstarter page, which aims to raise $100,000 to cover production costs on their new album, Habeas Corpus. At press time, the trio's total is up to $31,205, with seven days left to go on the campaign. (As was previously reported, one of the top prizes for donors is a custom-made Geto Boys casket.) Corpus will be the Boys' eighth solo album--their seventh with Scarface in the line-up--and their first since 2005's The Foundation.