We've sure seen some interesting numbers this year. Jadakiss managed to sell 134k without a big single, Ross who seemingly had the Def Jam building behind him and the album of his career couldn't eclipse his previous first week numbers and Maxwell came out of his cave to do career numbers.

So what is a guy like Fabolous likely to sell. I personally like "Throw It In The Bag" (although the remix is better), but I think I may be alone in that department. People are aware that Loso's Way is coming out, but is he actually buzzing. We'll know in a week when the first week numbers come out. As always, XXL staffers tried predicting first week sales. Read below.

Jackpot: 95k
Jesse: 100k
Travis: 80k
JFK: 110k
Clovito: 30k
Rob the Music Ed: 85k
Matt Barone: 85k
Miss One: 60k
MikeD: 75k
Vanessa: 74k