Russell Simmons has cited the #MeToo movement in his legal defense against a woman who claims he raped her.

The Blast reports that this Thursday (Dec. 20), Simmons filed a response to an unnamed woman's claim that he raped her back in 1988. In the rap mogul’s motion, he maintains that he couldn’t have raped anyone because he’s a supporter of the #MeToo Movement. It's a claim he's made since the allegations against him came out late last year.

In new court documents, Simmons explained his status as a well-known entrepreneur and civil rights activist who “fully embraces the #MeToo movement” and the “critical importance of creating safe spaces for women to thrive and lead in every facet of our society."

He further added that “with every great revolution there has been collateral damage. In this movement, this includes Mr. Simmons' well-publicized life as a celebrity bachelor being the target of outrageous tabloid-fodder allegations contradicted by facts and the law.”

In conclusion, Simmons denied  all allegations of wrongdoing and is demanding entire case be dismissed.

As we previously reported, the 61-year-old hip-hop icon is facing 18 different lawsuits from women have accused him of rape or sexual assault. The latest woman to accuse Simmons is Alexia Norton Jones, granddaughter of the book publisher W.W. Norton. She claims Simmons sexually assaulted her back in New York City back in November 1990.

Simmons has denied all the claims of sexual assault against him. "I will prove without any doubt that I am innocent of all rape charges," he wrote in an Instagram post.

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