Another woman has come forward with claims that she was almost raped by Russell Simmons. This time, publicist, TV personality and author, Kelly Cutrone is accusing the Def Jam co-founder of wrongdoing.

Cutrone claims it happened in 1991, the same year model Keri Khalighi claims she was sexually assaulted by Simmons. Cutrone says her encounter with Uncle Rush happened when they crossed paths at a party. As they walked to another party, Simmons invited her to his place, which she declined, but according to her, he ended up taking her to an apartment. That's when things went left.

“He pushed me into his apartment and then he threw me down on the floor and literally tried to grab … take my clothes off of me,” Cutrone told Page Six. “I started kicking him really, really hard, screaming, telling him to get the fuck off of me. And that I would have him killed if he ever fucking laid a hand on me.” She added, “I actually think I told him I would call Page Six. I was a publicist I think I told him I would call Page Six and have him murdered.”

Cutrone says she immediately left and caught a cab home. Years later, she claims she ran into Simmons at an event. The situation was very uncomfortable. "I’d be at a table and Russell fucking Simmons would come up to the table and then people would be like, ‘Kelly, do you know Russell?,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yes, I know Russell — he tried to rape me,'” she remembers.

Cutrone is just one of a dozen women who have accused Russell in this way.

However, he continues to proclaim his innocence. "I will prove without any doubt that I am innocent of all rape charges," he wrote in a statement uploaded to Instagram, earlier this week. "Today, I will focus on 'The Original Sin' (Keri Claussen), the claim that created this insane pile on of my #MeToo. Stay tuned! We’ll share information today… And tomorrow the case of Jenny Lumet. My intention is not to diminish the #MeToo movement in anyway, but instead hold my accusers accountable. #NotMe Again, this is not a movement against or even in conjunction with #Metoo . It’s just a statement about my innocence."

In light of the allegations, Simmons has stepped down from his companies. The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into Simmons as a result of the numerous claims. According to Brad Rose, Simmons' attorney, the mogul "fully supports and will cooperate with the police inquiry and is confident of a swift resolution."

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