Things got extra heated when Russ had a member of his crew punch a fan during a recent show in Memphis. In a video of the incident, we see a burly man staring at Russ before he snuffs an unsuspecting fan. You can see the video below.

In the immediate aftermath, fans understandably wanted to understand why, exactly, Russ's crew member decided to throw a punch at the audience member. Russ, who dropped his debut album There's Really a Wolf last month, was quick to offer up a response.

"If you throw ice and shit at me you're gonna get confronted. Shit is not as sweet as you think. Don't throw a stone and hide your hand," Russ tweeted in response to a fan who unloaded video of the vicious assault. Some of his fans didn't respect the move, though.

"Ice? he had someone punched for ice😂😂 good music but a egomaniac," wrote one Twitter user. Russ defended his role in the vicious punch by explaining that it's his right to protect himself from bodily harm.

"It's principle. You're throwing ice at me to hit me. If ice hits me in my eye and some shit gets fucked up what you gon say then? Lol foh," the skilled lyricist wrote on Twitter. "I go outta my way to give my time and energy to come to these cities. I could choose not to, but I fuck with y'all heavy so don't disrespect" he said in another tweet defending his actions.

See the video of the punch being thrown and a gallery of fans' reactions beneath that, as well as Russ' tweets speaking on the incident.

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