Being picked to join Drake's OVO Sound team is an honor few can call their own. For Canadian singer Roy Woods, it's just another day in his life. While he's been busy doing dates on the Aubrey and The Three Migos Tour with Drake, he still had time to walk us through his version of the ABCs.

Starting at A, he picks "Apple," based off of some advice from his younger days. "My mom always used to tell me a apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it's a lie, ’cause I'm allergic to apples," he tells XXL. Roy is missing out, but then again, he gets to perform in front of thousands of people, so that's not a bad trade-off.

Once he got to C, the singer chose a very popular cartoon character. "Charlie Brown, I loved Charlie Brown as a kid," he shared. For H? "A hare, I used to have a hare when I was a kid, I had two hares, a white and a brown one."

It wasn't all wholesome childhood memories, though. For O, well, you'll just have to watch. The letter "Q" reminds him of Tupac Shakur's role in the film Juice, where he was basically a gun-toting bully. Once he gets to X, he launches into a ridiculous Xzibit impersonation and even asks if they resemble each other. What a guy.

Watch the rest of Roy Woods ABCs for another cartoon he really likes, him yelling out random names and also sharing his review of luxury hotels.

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