As if Romeo doesn't have enough problems. While his father is tackling a messy divorce case with his wife, Romeo finds himself going against his own fans on Instagram. Earlier, Romeo posted a picture of him and his ex girlfriend, who happens to be white. Apparently, this picture didn't sit too well with a lot of people.

The follower commented on the picture by saying: "I knew he only dated white girls."

This infuriated Romeo and caused him to respond back by saying: "@raevuitton and where'd u get this info? Social media? Lol ... People who REALLY know me know what's up. And this race sh*t is getting old, we're in 2014. But have a good day love."

The follower responded by saying: "@romeomiller lmao read man. I'm down with the swirl too. It's just a joke. Anyone that knows me knows I've dated white,black,Hispanic . It is 2014 . U shouldn't take the race thing serious either lol man snow bunny it is. it's all good love. Live mas. U got money . Don't let sh*t get under skin lol."



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