Fans are patiently awaiting for Roc Marciano to drop his Rosebudd's Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose album, and while they anticipate a release date, we now have the tracklist.

The New York native unveils the official tracklist for the forthcoming project, which contains 14 tracks from the Reloaded entertainer. While a lot of the studio LP will hear the MC taking the spotlight on his solo tip, there are a few guest features including Action Bronson and Knowledge the Pirate. As far as production credits, Marciano dips his talents into a lot of the songs, with other assistance from Animoss, Don Cee and Element as well.

So far, there's no slated release date for Rosebudd's Revege 2: The Bitter Dose, but it looks like we can start counting down to when it will hit our ears.

Last year at this time, Marciano dropped his initial Rosebudd's Revenge album, which contains 15 tracks from the Hempstead rapper.

Take a look at the full tracklist for Rosebudd's Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose below to see what we can expect when the project arrives next month.

Roc Marciano's Rosebudd's Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose Tracklist

1. "Respected" (prod. by Element)
2. "Tent City" (prod. by Don Cee)
3. "Bohemian Grove" Feat. Knowledge The Pirate (prod. by Animoss)
4. "Corniche" Feat. Action Bronson (prod. by Roc Marci)
5. "CVS" (prod. by Don Cee)
6. "Saks Fifth" (prod. by Roc Marci)
7. "Major League" Feat. Knowledge the Pirate (prod. by Don Cee)
8. "Bedspring King" (prod. by Roc Marci)
9. "The Sauce" (prod. by Roc Marci)
10. "Happy Endings" (prod. by Animoss)
11. "Kill You" (prod. by Roc Marci)
12. "67 Lobby" (prod. by Element)
13. "Muse" (prod. by Roc Marci)
14. "Power" (prod. by Roc Marci)

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