A few days ago, XXXTentacion was cold-clocked at a show in San Diego that left a brawl and a stabbing in its wake. One person was stabbed in the resulting melee, and though many thought the victim was someone from Rob Stone's crew, in a new video, Rob clarifies those rumors are false.

Rob recorded a video of himself, showing he wasn't stabbed and letting fans know his team is "alive and well." He doesn't know who was stabbed but does say he feels bad for that person. He then says "this shit has been crazy," most likely due to recent events, and it's "only going to get worse." In a message to the whole world and to no one in particular, he rhetorically asks how someone can diss another person and not expect retaliation, especially on enemy turf. We hope this situation gets diffused sooner than later so no one else has to get hurt.

Rob Stone recently sent shots at XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God on the song "Xxxtracredit." To catch up on the beef between Rob Stone and Ski Mask, you can read a recap of both sides of the story in an exclusive phone interview.

Watch the video of Rob Stone below. After that, watch a 20-minute interview Rob gave talking about the incident in depth.

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