Just a little over a week after the release of his Last Call album, rising star Rittz is providing some new visuals for his fans to coincide with his "I'm Only Human" record. The new music video features the entertainer sitting in a church pew, before going through a series of different conditions in life that reflect the song's theme of hope. Miguel "M. Stacks" Brown, Jr. produced the record.

The Georgia rapper sleeps out in the streets as a homeless citizen for one scene, eats at a soup kitchen while listening to the stories from his peers, and even works in the back kitchen of a restaurant just to make ends meet. Rittz describes the inspiration for the video, stemming from people making mistakes and getting back on their feet.

"People are human beings and people make mistakes," Rittz says. "We all come into this world as just human beings. We get a name placed on us from our parents' last name. Our religion is whatever our family is, the people that are fortunate to come into this world with a family. All these things are taught to us, all these bad things. A lot of it leads to people making bad mistakes."

Later this month, Rittz is slated to hit the road for his 60-date The Last Call Tour, along with supporting acts Sam Lachow and Eric Biddines.

Watch the music video for Rittz's "I'm Only Human" track below to watch the stories unfold.

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