Riff Raff might have another hat to add to his list of ventures, as the rapper seems to be dabbling in the adult film industry. The Houston rapper is reportedly launching a webcam series with porn star Bella Elise Rose, who he was previously confirmed to be seen having sex with on camera in a video posted to her Twitter earlier this month.

The two are now working together on the new series, which Raff announces through Instagram in a video featuring the porn star. Rose explains that she is looking for hot girls to message her on the social media app, where they will be considered to join her and the rapper for their new webcam series, but they don't exactly reveal what they will be doing.

At one point, Rose holds up a check for $20,000 to the camera, which she says could be the kind of money girls would receive if they participate in the show.

The end of the footage also shows the adult film star holding up a gun and threatening those who decide to directly message her man, Riff Raff, while the last few seconds show the The White West entertainer jumping on the bed with her.

See the promotional video that Riff Raff posts of Bella Elise Rose announcing the web series below. You know you're gonna watch.

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