Three weeks after dropping his video for "Root Beer Float Ghost," RiFF RAFF is back with  a new visual for "JODYHiGHROLLER.COM." The song is another cut from RiFF RAFF'S Aquaberry Aquarius project.

The "JODYHiGHROLLER.COM" video sees the self-proclaimed Butterscotch Boss flex with "Golden Gram"-colored earrings and all sorts of other luminous jewelry throughout. The footage of RiFF RAFF simply flexing is mixed in with footage of him tearing it up on the stage under the glow of a blue light in front of an enthusiastic crowd. As far as the song itself, it's pretty much RiFF RAFF at his best, coming up with a seemingly never-ending barrage of hilariously inventive ways to describe his wealth.

"Lexus was golden glaze/1983 to 1995, those was the golden days/I'm allergic to minimum wage/Diamonds on my chest look like frozen grapes/They asked my doc, he said 'I'm going through a frozen phase,'" Jody raps on the song.

In his second verse, RiFF RAFF stunts even harder, rapping, "Know your baby mama, I could probably get your mom/If you see them diamonds ho, yeah I put 'em on/All these little rappers, yeah I put 'em on/Hop out the van, I hop out the van with grands."

In the vid, you can see just about all the jewels Jody's spits about in his lyrics. You can see RiFF RAFF drop jewels and rock them in the video below.

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