Last month, a slew of rappers showed up to the White House, sharing photos of their big moment on social media for the world to see. While the visit seemed out of the blue, there was an important reason for their time with President Obama. Chance The Rapper, Wale, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Common, Timbaland, Pusha T and Rick Ross were all in attendance for a criminal justice reform initiative called My Brother's Keeper.

Each artist was individually selected because of their notable efforts to fight for the cause. My Brother's Keeper, also referred to as MBK, was started two years ago to address opportunity gaps pertaining to young men of color to assure that people from all walks of life are allotted the necessary tools to reach their full potential. For the past few months, Ross and his peers have used their voice to promote issues surrounding My Brother's Keeper and have found ways to engage on the issues of criminal justice reform and empower disadvantaged young people across the country.

“MBK is about obliterating the barriers our kids face,” Broderick Johnson, chair of the MBK task force explained. “It’s about building strong, lasting bridges to opportunity for boys and girls, young men and young women, no matter what their background or the circumstances into which they were born. It’s about investing in what works, acting with a sense of urgency, basing strategies on data and evidence, and having the courage to call-out and tear down discrimination in every system and policy where it shows up. And, in two years we could not be more excited about the momentum, energy, and enthusiasm that has been sparked all across the country.”

The Maybach Music Group founder opened up about his time with Obama and the MBK initiative during the launch of Wingstop merch in New York. Besides Ross' ankle monitor reportedly going off during the meeting, the occasion was memorable due to the president's actions.

"I've got to commend President Obama for inviting us out and keeping his feet planted in the community," Rozay tells XXL. "Not only just now as him being president but the moves that he plans on making after his presidency, that's what made me respect him even more. He brought a lot of thinkers to the table and we discussed a lot of different topics but at the end of the day, the youth was the focus. What we can do by staying in contact with the youth was the focus. I think that was a real powerful sit down and it was much needed."

Over the next few months, there will likely be more meetings pertaining to MBK but according to Ross, the really impactful moves are probably going to take place after Obama's presidency concludes.

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