Rich Brian is still on a high after releasing his anticipated debut album, and he's delivering another set of visuals for his "Cold" record. The Asian rapper sets himself up at a dimly-lit skating rink, where he taps into his emotional side.

After putting on his skates inside of the locker room, Brian unveils a tight ensemble donned with feathers and rhinestones as he hits the rink. As he performs some fast-paced tricks on the ice, different-colored lights flash around the rink to coincide with the somber vibes of the record. The video is directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, who helps captivate the international entertainer's vision of the deep song.

Earlier this month, Brian dropped his Amen album, and shared with XXL how he balances his comedic work with his more serious content.

"It's not really about being serious or being comedic," he explained. "I just love making people laugh. To me, it's just being witty. There are people that rap who just have really funny lines in their songs. Even Kendrick Lamar or Kanye [West]. That's what I've been doing. I say funny stuff in my songs sometimes, but it's still all in the seriousness of the music and the craft."

Watch Rich Brian become a figure skater in the music video for his "Cold" record.

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