Folks can make crime sound cool as much as they want, but the reality is that it usually comes from a desperate place. That's a point Rexx Life Raj makes in his new video for "Never Had S*!t," the latest visual from his Father Figure 2: Flourish album. 

The visual finds a contemplative Rexx posted up at his crib watching TV as he reflects on day-to-day life, which appears to involve a lot of struggle. While sinking into his couch and staring lifelessly at the TV screen, he definitely seems defeated. The guitar-driven track the video was created for is a meditation on growing up in poverty.

"All my friends into high fashion/We could barely afford those/Mama said it'll all come/If we leave it up in God's hands/But the thing about God's plans/They don't work like Raj's plans," the Berkeley, Calif. rapper spits. Those last two bars hint at Rexx's plan of action.

From there, we see Rexx getting into a heated argument with his baby's mother, presumably about his inability to provide. A camera lens aimed at both his son and a frustrated Rexx make it clear the argument's getting to him, and clips of himself talking to his friends on the phone make it clear he's about to do something about it. That something, as the visual tells us, is a home invasion.

Check out the visual for Rexx Life Raj's "Never Had Shit" below. Peep his video for "Not My Friend" when you're done with that.

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