Rev. Run reflects on the one time Run-DMC hit the studio with Kobe Bryant.

In an interview Yahoo Entertainment published Wednesday (Jan. 29), the veteran rapper spoke about his dedication to the fallen NBA legend during their performance of "Walk This Way" at the 2020 Grammy Awards along with Aerosmith. During the interview, Run also revealed that the group once recorded a song with the Black Mamba.

"We met at the studio [in L.A.], because Kobe at the time had a relationship with Adidas, and we had that big record, ‘My Adidas,'" Rev told Yahoo Entertainment. "So we hung out all night and discussed options of how we should make the record. He liked to rap, we knew he was a good basketball player that wanted to rap with us, and we had a great night, took pictures. He was excited to meet us, and we were excited to meet him. It was just beautiful hanging with Kobe—and starting to record a record that we never finished."

Kobe was known as one of the greatest players ever, but he was also pretty invested in being a rapper for at least part of his career. He was signed to Sony Entertainment in the 1990s along with his group CHEIZAW. After he joined the NBA, the label decided to push him as a solo artist and even released his debut single "K.O.B.E.” However, after his single didn't do well, his debut album was shelved and he was eventually dropped from the label. As for his collaborative track with Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Run says he doesn't know where the recording is.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Where is the Kobe track?’," Run said. "I don't know. We were running around, doing things, and maybe it's in the archives of some studio, or a demo that we made in our house that we was going to give to them to download their vocals. But somebody will find it.”

Watch a clip from the interview below.

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