Remy Banks is back with a brand new EP titled Champ Hoody Music Ep. 1. The "n1go" rapper's latest project features eight tracks with production by the likes of Knxwledge, Black Noi$e and Cities Aviv. The Queens native believes the EP represents the evolution of the New York sound.

"I feel like the soundscape that the EP creates is different from anything that anyone is currently putting out in rap right now... especially different from what's coming out of NY at moment and I say that in the most humble tone," he told Billboard. "Most will say it's is has that 'traditional New York' appeal, which I'm not mad at because that's what molded me growing up but I feel like it's more than that. I'm working towards evolving the NY essence... not working towards bringing it back because in life... we move forward, not backwards."

Check out the tracklist and stream for Banks' new EP below. You can also download the project for free here.

Remy Banks' Champ Hoody Music Ep. 1 Tracklist

1. “Intro” (prod. by Black Noi$e)
2. “Queens Shit” (prod. by Knxwledge)
3. “How the Game Go” (prod. by Black Noi$e)
4. “Sky's Falling” Feat. Cody B.Ware, Jesse James Solomon and Isaiah Barr (prod. by Black Noi$e)
5. “Head Joint” (prod. by Cities Aviv)
6. “No Static” (feat. Prince SAMO & Lansky Jones) (prod. by Stoney Willis)
7. “Pine” (feat. Nasty Nigel (prod. by Black Noi$e)
8. P.S.A. Feat. Hodgy (prod. by Samham)

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