It's always great to witness two former enemies make amends in hip-hop. Beef is something that often plagues the industry, at times ending careers or in worse cases, taking lives. Over the years, the genre has seen its fair share of beef and luckily, we've even got to witness more than a few make-ups. From the patching of legendary battles like Jay Z and Nas to smaller scale tiffs like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, the ending of a beef is sometimes just as thrilling as the actual combat.

The resolution of drama is even better when there are pictures to prove it. A lot of times news will surface that things have been worked out and there's nothing to back it up.  The pictures serve as proof that things are no longer on the odds and the former foes have become friends. One of the most recent pictures to surface in hip-hop signifying a deaded beef was in May, when Fat Joe posted a picture side by side with his former enemy, Jay Z. "NY Giants: Crack - Hov," read the caption of a picture posted by Fat Joe. At one point back in the day, the pair traded shots back and forth non-stop with lines like "Kay keep tellin’ me to speak about Rucker / Matter of fact, I don’t wanna speak about the Rucker," Fat Joe's lyric about the basketball-bred beef that started it all.

Jay Z and Fat Joe included, XXL compiled a few photos of rappers together after squashing a beef plus moments when they'll be reuniting. Check it out above.

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    The Game & Lloyd Banks

  • 2

    Young Thug & Future

  • 3

    Fat Joe & Jay Z

  • 4

    Jay Z & Beanie Sigel

  • 5

    Jay Z & Nas

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