The ever-amusing Lil Pump once said, "Everything that you done did, I done did it/Pockets on swole like it's 24 Fitness (Chyeah)/800 bands just layin' in the kitchen (Goddamn)," on his 2018 breakout single, "Esskeetit." While Pump may not be the first rapper that comes to mind when thinking of hitting the gym, the mere mention of the popular fitness chain is just another sign of rap's affinity with looking and feeling good. Pump's gone through his own fitness journey, laying off the lean and slimming down in recent months. Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or otherwise, in celebration of National Fitness Day (May 2), hip-hop artists are sharing how and why they work on their fitness year-round, especially during quarantine.

For Young M.A, it's no secret that when she first came in the game, she loved her Hennessy. Turns out, she wasn't just drinking for fun. The murder of her brother in 2009 brought on depression, anxiety and an overall unhealthy lifestyle for M.A. “For like a whole year straight I was eating bad and drinking bad and I wound up gaining almost 20 pounds,” she told XXL in the winter 2019 issue of the magazine. “I remember, I was at like, 167, almost 170. I couldn’t believe it.” She decided to take action and lost 20 pounds by working out and sticking to a strict diet. Those with her thoughts about five months ago. Now, her quarantine routine is a bit different.

Back in 2016, Waka Flocka Flame took the edible approach to restructure his health. The Georgia-bred rapper chose to incorporate a vegan lifestyle and change his eating habits. Two years later, he decided to forgo veganism and became a more conscious eater. While he's been staying home as of late, Waka opted for a clean slate.

When it comes to Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd, he's usually staying active by commanding the stage alongside his brother Swae Lee while performing on tour. With the coronavirus quarantine putting a stop to hip-hop hitting the road, that hasn't prevented him from getting his fitness on at home. One thing he's sure to do: just say no to sweets.

And not every rapper is focused on solely the physical fitness aspect of their life. Calboy has openly discussed his mental health struggles on his rise to rap stardom. When the rapper was a freshman in high school, he’d been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. He'd also been admitted to a psychiatric ward twice. These days, mental fitness is his first priority.

Hip-hop's affinity for fitness is ever-changing, and it's different for every artist. Check out some of your favorite rappers and how they are handling their fitness (physical and mental) during quarantine below.

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