Russ is taking it back to 2015 for his new music video. The Atlanta rapper revisits his single "Pull the Trigger" to add some compelling visuals to the track. The video sees Russ engaging in a steamy night with his girl before getting into a shady deal that goes awry. As captivating as the story is, Russ' rhymes still remain a focal point of this one.

"Yeah, why you believing the propaganda/Why everybody sound like they wanna be from Atlanta/Are you the voice or the echo/Are you the nail or the hammer/I be talking while chewing my beats, I don't mind my manners/Choruses that fit the opera, that's why I need phantoms/I got my doubt at gun point, that's why I need ransoms/And I be handsome, that's why I got your girl before the money/Honestly, I thought I'd have 30m's before my 20's/But I'm cool with how it's happening/Girl in San Fran who wants to cross routes with me/Like a young Colin Kaepernick/Treat the money like a lateral, I'm passing it/Cause my family's number one, never put 'em number two/Tryna buy a house in cash for all the times we had to move/All the times my mom cried cause she ain't know what else to do/All the times she lost hope cause she ain't know what else to lose/All the times I shoot shots cause I don't what else to shoot, man," Russ raps.

Russ is quickly rising up the ranks in hip-hop despite being a one man army. The Atlanta rapper made his mark with songs that he wrote, produced, mixed, mastered and released by himself. Check out XXL's interview with Russ for more information on this talented up-and-comer.

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