A recent run-in with the law could have went a lot worse for Ralo. After getting pulled over, the rapper and his crew began filming as he made fun of a number of officers on the scene.

The Atlanta rapper called one of the cops an "Ol' pussy ass," mocking the officer for answering to a higher-up. "He gotta say yes sir, no sir," Ralo said before offering the cop a job with him. "He might as well come work for me," he continued. "We are now accepting applications!"

The rapper also got confrontational with two other officers, yelling, "Everyday of my life I wake up 10-20 muthafuckin' million dollars, nigga... What you got? Ten thousand, 20 thousand in your account?"

While it's uncertain what Ralo got pulled over for, in another video, the rapper can be heard saying, "You know that my car." An unidentified voice then replies, "It ain't in your name."

In July, Ralo teamed up with Gucci Mane to drop his latest mixtape, Ralo LaFlarecalling it his best work yet. Speaking with XXLthe rapper said, "Me, myself, I feel like I get better every mixtape. Everything that I said has a meaning to it and I just like when people do stuff and have a meaning to doing it. Like, I don’t like when people just putting out shit and it has no meaning to it. Whether it’s a diss song, whether it’s a motivational song, whether it’s a dance song, everything need to have a fuckin’ meaning to it. If it ain’t got a meaning to it then why do it?"

Check out the footage of Ralo below.

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