Earlier this week, the ascendant Ralo got into some trouble with police in Georgia. While he says he was pulled over for driving with a suspended license, the Gucci Mane affiliate also offered up his own reasons for why he was arrested.

"Young, Black, Smart, Rich, an Muslim," Ralo begins in the caption for an Instagram post in which he says this whole thing happened on his birthday (Feb. 12). "#1 most hated type of guy in this country. On my birthday i was pulled over due to cancellation of registration."

From there, Ralo, who's less than a week removed from dropping his Diary of the Street 3 mixtape, gave a quick rundown of one particular Georgia law before detailing some of the circumstances surrounding being handcuffed by police.

"GA law states that on day of your birthday you have to renew your registration," he revealed. " 2) In their computer system my license was suspended. 3) I didn’t have proof of insurance. My bond was paid b4 i walked in the jail. Kristie made sure of that. I went to court this morning, for some strange reason my license is active, an why da fuck would i pay ah half ah million dollars for a car an not have insurance on it??? #DiaryOfTheStreets3."

It's unclear if Ralo was arrested, but in a video of the moment, we can see the beginnings of the Atlanta Police Department lettering on the police car. Also, a quick search for inmate information FultonSherriff.org doesn't include an arrest for Ralo, which means he may have just been detained and given a ticket to appear in court.

Read Ralo's account of the events in the post below.

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