XXL's animated series Based on a True Story is back with a brand new epic tale from legendary rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon.

In the latest episode of Based on a True Story, the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx rapper recalls a funny story about the time he bumped into legendary singer Bobby Brown before one of his shows in Los Angeles. Painting the picture of the memorable day, Rae recalls, “We were in the back getting ripped and and getting fucked up, you know? And it was just one of those nights where everybody was drunk and then I see my nigga Bobby from New Edition walk into the spot.”

Recalling the epic encounter backstage, Rae remembers walking up to Bobby, sizing him up and eventually offering him weed and alcohol prior to The Chef's performance set.

After their backstage encounter, Rae hit the stage with his boys to perform a number of his records while the singer watched from afar. Trying his best to get Bobby to join him onstage during his performance, Rae remembers Bobby was reluctant to the idea and just wanted to see the show. Halfway through the set that night, Raekwon remembers asking the DJ to play one particular song.

“We still on the stage but we rocking and shit, boom and baow, you know what I mean? Next thing you know, we made the DJ throw on 'My Prerogative' and all that shit and he [Bobby] was like nah, nah, nah, nah," Rae shares. "Next thing you know, we pulled him to the front of the stage and shit, so now he singing 'My Prerogative' and shit, so boom just before he came in I just bum-rushed the set real quick and started singing the joint on my own.”

He recalls the hilarious tale as one of the funniest on-the-road stories of his career and can still picture the look Bobby Brown gave him when he decided to sing his classic song.

Check out the hilarious story in the animation above and be on the lookout for more Based on a True Story animations.

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