As one of New York's most beloved rappers, Raekwon had some pointed comments directed at Kendrick Lamar regarding his controversial claim about being "The King Of New York."

In an interview with,  the Wu-Tang veteran responded to Kendrick's claim by declaring that K. Dot was not the King Of New York but, as far as, Rae was concerned the late Notorious B.I.G. was the man that still wore the crown.

“All I’mma say is that nigga’s know he ain’t the king of New York,” said the Wu-Tang rapper. “You know what I mean? The king of New York to me is in the ground and that’s B.I.G. That’s the nigga that came from the bottom with it for real. And really earned that positioning in the game to be called that. I think son when he was rhyming was having fun…And he was just expressing his self. I think that that’s—you supposed to feel like that on wax. You feel me. It’s like if I come in the studio with my crew and it’s the Wu and I’m knowing in my mind I’m trying to murk the track instantly.”

Of course, Raekwon went on to express his admiration for the upstart Compton Rapper as a lyricist but still pondered the motivations on why Kendrick would consider making a bold declaration like that would be.

“For me, I like Lamar,” Raekwon revealed. “I like him. You know what I’m saying. I think he's lyrical. I think he’s a good emcee but it probably was one of those nights, he was just—he was feeling his self. So, you know it was out of fun. You feel me? It was out of fun. Only a real nigga would know that he would never go there cause he can never wear that crown. Never ever ever. If he can wear that crown imagine how my crown is looking. My crown is on some King Arthur shit…If he the king of New York, what the fuck am I? But I love him. I love his energy.”

You can watch the entire interview with above.

[Via HipHopDX]