From legends like UGK and Scarface to young phenoms like Megan Thee Stallion and Yella Beezy, Texas has blessed hip-hop with some solid stars over the years. At just 18 years old, Quin NFN is next in line out of the Lone Star State. The Austin native mixes a youthful energy with a wise-beyond-his-years ability to contort words into bars that are sharp as spurs.

Quin started writing raps at 6 years old, but he caught his breakthrough with the November 2018 song "Talkin' My Shit," the video for which has been viewed 20 million times. True to its title, the track finds Quin firing off bars about getting money and girls while avoiding beef. In February of this year, he signed with 10K Projects, becoming a label mate to Trippie Redd. Now with songs like "Stay Down," "NFN Ent." and the PnB Rock-assisted single "Hold You Down," the anticipation for Quin's debut project 4NUN (which drops next Friday) is palpable. Now, its time for young Quin to take a leap.

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Age: 18

Hometown: Austin, Texas

I grew up listening to: "[Lil] Wayne. I just like how he play with his words. Wayne fun—you gon' fuck with Wayne off the rip. He was the first inspiration to basically make me wanna rap. I was on Wayne heavy when I was little."

My style’s been compared to: "I ain't gon' lie, I don't even really be paying attention."

My standout records to date have been: "'Talkin My Shit' and 'Straight Thru.' When I dropped 'Talkin My Shit,' they was fuckin' with that sound at the time. That sound was really new. It was fresh. Then I dropped 'Straight Thru'—it's like 'Talkin My Shit' part two. It really ain't, but it sound like it. They fuck with me on any style, now."

My most slept-on song is: "'Hold You Down.' Y'all go get on that shit! I feel like 'Stay Down' is an underrated song I got, too. Once another song get a lot of recognition, it's gon' make 'Stay Down' go up."

My standout moments to date have been: "When I signed to 10K. That was the biggest moment for me. It changed my life."

Most people don’t know: "I'm un-athletic like a hoe. I ain't gon' lie. I'll still get on yo' ass in any sport."

I’m going to blow up because: "I'm versatile. I got an image. They gon' fuck with me, they gon' fuck with how I'm comin'. I'm different. That's really it."

I’m going to be the next: "Biggest thing out. The next Jay-Z. I'm tryna be up there. I'm tryna have all the money. I'm tryna be selfish."

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"Talkin' My Shit"

"Straight Thru"

"Hold You Down" featuring PnB Rock

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