Last fall, on the day Pixar released the first trailer for the forthcoming Finding Dory, Questlove revisited a painful memory. "Prince once fired me from a DJ gig in a nightclub," the producer, drummer and DJ wrote on Twitter, "and instead blasted the Finding Nemo DVD on the screen." The revelation left many people incredulous--though given Prince's reputation for the eccentric, it seemed within the realm of possibility. Now, the Roots member has given us an in-depth look at that night, brought to life in animated form.

The video, created for Okayplayer, recounts a night in 2004, during the tour in support of Prince's Musicology. Questo had secured ten tickets for the show, and invited a group of friends, including a woman with whom he'd been set up on a blind date. However, he forgot to count himself among the ten spots he had, and found himself ticketless at the door.

While he tried to negotiate his entry with Prince's assistant at the loading dock, the Purple One himself sped past on a golf cart and approved him to come in. The catch was that there were no physical seats available. So Questlove found himself seated right on the stage; the caveat was that he had to secure a venue for an afterparty, and provide the live entertainment.

However, when Prince found himself uninspired by the music Questlove had chosen (Fela Kuti, to the DJ's dismay), his assistant dropped by with a suggestion: a DVD copy of Finding Nemo. When Questlove had someone hook it up to play in the background while he continued to spin, that assistant came back over to clarify--no music, just cartoon fish. Watch the entire clip above.

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