Working on your craft is tough; you never really know when your big break will come. Quentin Miller is an Atlanta rapper who was already working towards popularity for his work when he caught the ear of Drake, thus kicking off their then-working relationship. He took that momentum and kept creating, most recently releasing his project, Q.M., and the song "Destiny (Freestyle)," where he weighed in on the Drake vs. Pusha T beef. Getting an artist who clearly knows how to think on his feet makes sense, so of course, XXL asked him to bring his personality to our ABCs segment.

Quentin's ideas for how the ABCs should go are funny, exposing his light-hearted personality outside of the booth. In a meta moment, he responds to A by saying "alphabet," a reminder of why he's here. For B? He yells, "Bricks! Like Gucci Mane," a reference to one of Wop's early, career-defining songs. When he gets to D? "That's what I give her," he states. We'll leave that one for you to figure out.

On J, Quentin says, "Juice," whether it be orange or the classic Tupac-helmed film. He also utters "We don't take those" when presented with L, quickly comes up with "Pimpin'" for P, then cleverly shouts out his car once R arrives. "[R]X,Lexus, that I whip, in the A, ya dig? With the leather seats and the woodgrain wheel."

Check out the rest of Quentin's alphabet game below.

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