When Queen Key comes through, her presence is immediately felt and her words are heard. From her infectious laugh to her bawdy lyrics, eyes are on the Chicago native at all times. Oddly enough, however, she's the most laid-back one in the room.

"Most people probably don’t know how calm I am," the Chicago native reasons during her interview for XXL's The Break. "Sometimes people expect me to be loud but really I just be coolin'."

The dimple-faced 22-year-old has made a name for herself with her salacious subject matter on projects like Baked As a Pie and her latest EP, Eat My Pussy. “I’m so unapologetic about it ’cause it’s like I’m not necessarily tryna make somebody feel however,” Key continues. "I’m just literally tellin’ the muthafucka how I feel.”

During her freestyle for XXL's What I Do series, she continues to keep that same energy. “My hustle unmatched, I got ‘em attached/Make the nigga think I’m in love, not callin’ him back," she raps. "I’m gone, I’m the type to do it all by myself/I’m the type to win, still let a bitch keep her belt/I don’t care about material, I rather the wealth/I’m royalty for real, niggas blessin’ me when I belch.”

Never one to hold back a raunchy bar, the "My Way" rhymer commands everyone's attention with: “I’m hard like your nigga dick when he eat me/Never wanted to be wifey, just a rich ass titi/With that being said, hope niggas outta bed/Eat my pussy, give me head, bitch.”

For fans of a woman who's never held back from speaking her truth, the aforementioned bars aren't surprising. Neither is the title of her next EP, Eat My Pussy Again. It'll be "anywhere from seven to 10" tracks, according to the pint-sized spitter.

"Im not doin' no features this time around," she adds. "I want it to be all me."

Heard you, Queen. Watch as she steps to the plate for her latest freestyle up top.

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