In a world of gunfire, broken dreams and drug deals gone wrong, survival is dependent upon a combination of luck and strategy. Cleveland, Ohio rapper Q Money prefers to lean on the latter. He boasts about his street savvy and ability to navigate the block for the latest edition of XXL's What I Do, a series that features freestyles from rising artists in the game.

Employing a slow cadence not unlike one he used for his breakout 2017 single "Work," the 23-year-old Warner Bros. and Think It's a Game signeee emits confidence as he runs through precautions he takes to make sure he remains on top of his game instead of a graveyard.

"Bitch I'm all about my currency, lil' nigga they scared of me/I won't let these niggas murder me, I keep like 33," Q Money spits on the track. "This lil' bad bitch wanna flirt with me 'cause she see double Gs/Turn a rap beef to a murder beef, check my rap sheet/Ain't no nigga gon' tax me, I pay my lawyer a retainer fee/Ain't no bitch gon' trap me, I go and get a Plan B/If that don't work, it's plan C, we takin' one of your family."

While Q Money's verse is loaded with bits about the perils of the street, he's happy to have been able to transform his experiences to something positive.

"Being able to provide for my family, I know if I'm at the top of the game, if I'm wealthy, I can change people's lives," Q Money told XXL when explaining his motivations for rising up through the ranks of the rap game.

Watch Q Money's new freestyle for yourself up top.

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