Rappers Prof and Dem Atlas have been dropped from their record label following allegations of “abuse of women,” “misogyny” and “sexual misconduct.”

On Thursday (June 25), Minneapolis, Minn.-based record label Rhymesayers Entertainment announced that they have ended their working relationships with Prof and Dem Atlas. The label's decision comes after tweets resurfaced of Prof displaying misogyny and accusations of sexual misconduct against Atlas.

Rhymesayers did not specify details of encounters with either artist, but they did release a statement saying that "abuse of women is not acceptable and is not in alignment with our values."

“The reports of abuse that have come to light this past week are not things that we’ve ever tacitly condoned or were previously aware of,” the statement continues. “We have taken the last few days to process these reports because we felt it was important to allow survivors the opportunity to speak and for us to listen, discuss and reflect before adding our voice to the discussion.”

Rhymesayers also immediately canceled the release of Prof's Powderhorn Suites album, which was supposed to be released today (June 26). According to the label, they would no longer be complicit in promoting music about misogyny.

"Effective immediately we have decided to stop, where we can, the release of [Prof's] upcoming Powderhorn Suites album and end our relationship with Prof and Stophouse Music Group," the label said. "We have also decided to end our working relationship with Dem Atlas, given recent reports of his behavior."

Dem Atlas' reported ex-girlfriend wrote on Twitter, "The first 2 people u ever dated / loved getting called out for being rapists and abusers in the same day is a weird feeling. Even tho it’s true." She also shared an old photo of herself in the hospital with a bloody nose, her arm in a bandage and injuries to her face. "TW domestic violence: You’ve had these pictures for years, but here’s a reminder," she tweeted to the Rhymesayers Twitter account. "You knew this happened to me within hours of it happening. I was always josh’s *crazy* gf. 2 years late is better than never I guess."

A screenshot of a text message also circulated on Twitter. An unnamed woman claims she had a sexual encounter with Dem Atlas that involved him shoving her head down on his genitalia.

Additional details on Rhymesayers cutting ties with Dem Atlas were not shared in the statement. Dem Atlas has not commented on being dropped from the label or the allegations against him.

Prof has addressed the allegations against himself as well as DJ Fundo following tweets of inappropriate comments made by both men about underage girls that surfaced on the internet this week.

"Yesterday we became aware of allegations of sexual misconduct against Chris Young aka DJ Fundo," Prof's joint statement with his manager Mike Campbell began. "He was Prof's tour DJ from 2009 to 2016. First and foremost, we believe women and those who have survived sexual misconduct of any kind."

The rapper went on to express regret for a number of tweets, a series of Valentine's Day cards and a song that was released in 2017. "We would like to specifically call attention to a series of Valentine's Day Cards from 2014, a series of disgusting tweets around 2012, and a song called 'More More More' (2017) that are particularly appalling and very regrettable," the statement continues.

Prof and DJ Fundo's resurfaced tweets from 2012 were shared by Casey Delgado, also known as DJ Babyghost, who once dated Fundo and shared her encounter with him as well.

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