Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. album is just about the only thing that the Internet can talk about as it released today (April 14), and there are some huge speculations surrounding the credits on the project. One of the biggest mysteries that fans are obsessing over, aside from the Easter Sunday theory, is the identity of producer Bekon.

While fans and music critics have been taking wild guesses as to who the credited producer on the album is, Pitchfork has officially confirmed the identity to be that of Daniel Tannenbaum, who is a producer formerly known as Danny Keyz. Bekon has credits on DAMN. for eight tracks, including "Blood," "Yah," "Element," "Pride," "XXX," "Fear," "God," and "Duckworth." Although fans speculated that "Bekon" originally might be K. Dot, himself, or even Tyler the Creator, because of his open love for bacon, Keyz revealed himself as the man in question to the outlet.

The producer has a history of working on some major products with big names, having previously sang vocals on Dr. Dre's "All In a Day's Work" record from his Compton album. He's also landed musical credits on BJ The Chicago Kid's In My Mind album, Eminem's Recovery project, Snoop Dogg's Doggumentary album, and more.

The producer took to Instagram to post some intimate photos of his sessions with K. Dot in the making of DAMN., showing him in the studio recording vocals. If you needed any confirmation about Daniel Tannenbaum being Bekon, his page is laced with it, as he has other photos of his production expeditions. Take a look at some of Bekon's work in the posts below to unsolve the mystery.

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