Hip-hop's finest and rap fans came together to say goodbye to acclaimed rapper Prodigy on Thursday (June 29), when he was laid to rest at a private funeral service at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in New York City. With hip-hop royalty, family, friends and fans (many from Prodigy's Queensbridge stomping grounds) of the Mobb Deep MC attending the services to bid farewell, the bittersweet day turned out to be a celebration for the life and legacy of P Double, who passed away on June 20 at 42.

50 Cent, Remy Ma, LL Cool J and Ice-T were among the many rappers who attended the private viewing services for the late Prodigy Thursday morning while a public viewing was held at the chapel for Capital P's fans to attend between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. With eager fans of the late rhymer lining up in early morning hours to pay their respects, the sidewalks surrounding the chapel were filled with individuals playing Prodigy's music and wearing Mobb Deep memorabilia and P's signature black bandana.

The three-hour public service also included the visit of a few star-studded names like the legendary Pete Rock, Foxy Brown, Maino, A.G. and Infamous Mobb affiliate Godfather Pt. III. While making his way to the public viewing, super producer Pete Rock took the time to speak with XXL about his fallen friend. “Rest in peace, Prodigy," Pete expressed. "You know we shared some great memories together in the studio. Love you to death. Man, you caught me by surprise with this one. Man, I can’t take this no more, having to come to these things, you know? But I’m gonna support you man as long as I’m doing hip-hop.”

While Prodigy's fans were lined up after 5 p.m. to pay their respects, the chapel closed its doors around 5:20 p.m., leaving many to miss out on the opportunity to pay their final respects to the lauded MC. However, that didn't stop the crowd from paying homage to Prodigy as attendees gathered in groups to rap the most memorable lyrics of the "Quiet Storm" rapper and continue to celebrate his life and legacy.

Check out a few of the photos and videos from yesterday's celebration of Prodigy. R.I.P. to a legend.

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