Pixar released the trailer for Finding Dory yesterday and it got Roots' bandleader Questlove taking a trip down memory lane. While Quest plays drums for The Roots, he's also DJs fairly frequently, and took to Twitter to share a brief story about a gig that Prince hired him for. Apparently, the enigmatic singer fired Quest from the set, opting instead to play Finding Nemo for the nightclub crowd. Quest then, understandably, is harboring some sour feelings toward the eponymous clown fish, hashtagging his post with #EffThatFish.

It's hard to find any story about Prince surprising, as the artist's mythology continues to grow. That he would opt to show a children's movie, albeit a great one, at a party is just the type of bizarre lore concurrent with tales like the one Charlie Murphy told on Chappelle's Show. It makes one wonder: how far into his set did Quest get? And does Prince keep a DVD on him at all times or was Finding Nemo the closest disc available? Either way, it's a rich anecdote that only adds to the notion that Prince does whatever he wants regardless of sense or place.

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