Roosh Williams, whose family is originally from Tehran, grew up being a fan of poetry and rap freestyles. An interest evolved into a passion and in 2013, the Houston MC turned heads with deja Roo: Times Have Changed project. Inspired from real world experiences, the album had garnered praise from press and Houston music vets Scarface and Devin the Dude. Now Williams is ready to drop his new LP Unorthodox on Feb. 24.

The rising rapper Roosh Williams teams up with Scarface for “Deep End," off the upcoming album. Produced by Houston’s Trakksounds, the piano driven-record compliments Roosh’s intensity and 'Face's storytelling ability. The video of “Deep End” fits the record perfectly, capturing the theatrical rhymes of the two MCs. Roosh drops the video today exclusively with XXL, which speaks about the shadiness of the rap game from the eyes of a new artist and a hip-hop legend and how to avoid the sharks in the water.

You can per-order the Unorthodox album on iTunes here.If you haven't checked out the new material from the project, please do. After releasing “Extraordinary" featuring Emilio Rojas, the video for the title track and "Staring At Me,"  Roosh is on a nice run. Check out our conversation with Roosh Williams below.

XXL: What’s the meaning behind your new single Deep End?
Rapper Roosh Williams: 
It's based off the phrase "going off the deep end." Over the years of building your name in this industry, you have to deal with an abundance of fraudulence and overcome a lot of bull shit. And after a certain point, you just become numb to it and accept the fact that you're swimming with sharks in the water every step of the way and watch the video for "Deep End" above.

What was the thought process of the video? Take us through the concept.
"Deep End" is the convergence of two vastly different worlds: desolation and inspiration. The metaphor of sharks in the water floating overhead is prevalent throughout. It symbolizes the progression necessary to avoid them and remain focused on your plight, which is hammered home by Scarface's verse and presence.

How did you and Scarface link up for the song?
I was linked up in the studio with Scarface through his engineer. We both record at the same studio (iMix Houston) and his engineer, Steve-O, is one of the first engineers in Houston that I worked with in the city (on my "No Hard Feelings" record with Killa Kyleon back in 2011). We recorded the record with Steve-O at iMix too.

Any advice that Scarface gave you about the music industry?
You soak a lot of game from 'Face just being around him. He was telling me how he's been in the game 25+ years because he's always been a man of his word. People with ill intention tend to come and go, but the real remain.

What can fans expect from your new project Unorthodox?
Wholesome records with thorough production and a lot of personality.