After a week of voting on the question "What's Your Favorite UGK Album," the readers of have spoken. Beating out their four other highly-respected studio albums, the legendary group's classic 1996 album Ridin' Dirty (which features favorites like "Murder" and "Diamonds & Wood") won with over 40% of the vote. Still, their most recent album, Underground Kingz followed close behind, coming in second by only a handful of votes. Check out all the results below, and pay your respects to Pimp C by getting familiar with the entire UGK catalog!

1. Ridin' Dirty (1996) 40.48%

2. Underground Kingz (2007) 39.93%

3. Dirty Money (2001) 9.34%

4. Super Tight (1994) 6.23%

5. Too Hard To Swallow (1992) 4.03%

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