PnB Rock was ready to fight Internet personality QueenzFlip after a prank went sideways. QueenzFlip's disrespectful actions towards PnB Rock's daughter almost led to a brawl in the streets of New York.

If you have seen one QueenzFlip video, you already know his shtick. The prankster will be driving his car when a song comes on that makes him act wildly. Passengers usually feel the brunt of his wrath as he grabs at them while screaming out lyrics. But QueenzFlip messed up in his latest prank when he upset PnB Rock's daughter.

As you can see in the above video, QueenzFlip grabbed PnB Rock's daughter's stuffed animal and threw it against the front of the car. This made the young girl begin to cry, which obviously upset her father. Once they were out of the car, PnB Rock got in a fighting stance since he was not amused by the joke. Luckily for QueenzFlip, things did not escalate to the point where punches were thrown.

This is not the first time one of QueenzFlip's pranks went wrong. Just a few months ago, rising star Young M.A. punched the viral video sensation when he attempted to prank her. Young M.A. was unfamiliar with QueenzFlip's passenger rattling routine and started swinging at him when he reached back at her.

A near fight with PnB Rock after getting punched by Young M.A. might force QueenzFlip to switch up his targets. It's become that clear rappers aren't down with his foolishness.

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