Plies certainly knows how to live his gimmick. The Florida rapper pulls out all the ridiculous stops for his "Racks Up to My Ear" video featuring Young Dolph. Plies dons a sombrero and pink fur while holding up a giant stack of money throughout this visual. The social media star's raps are just as boastful as his actions in the video.

“Got the racks up to my ear, aw man, can ya hear me now/Feeling like Floyd dere after he whooped Pacquiao/Might do it big and buy some head for my whole team/Fall off in the mall bih, tell 'em that is on me/I'm a motherfucking boss nigga, you a do-boy/Bosses only talk to bosses, nigga, who is you boy/When it come to get money out here, I'm the CEO/A broke nigga can't tell me nothing bih, but how to go broke,” Plies raps.

The new video falls right in line with the persona that Plies has cultivated on Instagram. The "Shawty" rapper spoke to XXL earlier this year about how Internet fame has changed his life.

“Life has become more fun to me, as a whole,” Plies said. “Before I would never really let people get close enough to me or even get to know me. If I was doing press or interviews, I ain’t really trust nobody so I was more standoffish because of the life that I come from before I got into the music shit. I didn’t trust people, so I wasn’t able to distinguish the two and now I think I just got a clear understanding of this shit, and I think people see that through social media and now when they fuck with me. They feel more a part of me because they feel like they know me, you know what I mean? I don’t make money off these videos, but I’ve grown to enjoy the presence of people more than they enjoy me now.”

If you have not keep up with Plies' hijinks on the Gram, you can get a taste of his antics here. Make sure to check out XXL's entire interview with Plies for more insight on his viral stardom.

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