There's trouble going on with the estate of Pimp C, as the rapper's widow Chinara Butler was recently removed as the administrator of his estate during a legal hearing on the matter on Wednesday (Oct. 26).

The motion was brought forward by the UGK rapper's son Chad Butler Jr., reports Beaumont Enterprise. CBJ is accusing his step-mother of mismanaging the estate's funds.

During the hearing, Butler Jr's lawyer Josh Hienz presented documentation that shows Chinara had spent $150,000 of the estate’s revenue between 2011 to 2013 and over $80,000 from 2014 to 2016.

"Nobody's gotten any money," said Heinz. "She's on red carpets in Los Angeles and New York and these kids have nothing."

Chinara countered, saying, "I have not left (Pimp C's) kids abandoned. I've invested my own money into this estate and done my best to keep Pimp C relevant."

The money just isn't rolling in like it used to, she claims. She says she's received very little money from Pimp C's posthumous albums. "For entertainers, money is made from performances," she testified. "If he's not here to perform, how do you get a visual of him?"

According to public record, the estate has a $7.2 million federal tax lien and owes $5.1 million to a former manager.

This is not the first time her authorization over the estate has been altered. In 2010, she was removed for several months after a judge found she could not account for certain estate assets and had misapplied $150,000 worth of jewelry.

Pimp C died on Dec. 4 2007. His death was caused in part by promethazine/codeine use in conjunction with preexisting sleep apnea. He died without a will.

Pimp C's son is following in his father's footsteps and has a budding rap career. He recently dropped the song "Trust Nobody" produced by Mike Dean.

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