Brooklyn hip-hop has a storied history, which feeds into each new generation of rappers representing the New York borough. Phresher, the 29-year-old BK native, is no newbie, but he can definitely lay claim to being one of the more recent names out of city. He's had a whirlwind of a career, dropping a big song of his own, 2016's "Wait A Minute," then eventually finding his way to the radar of living rap legend, Eminem. Dropping his debut album, PH, last summer, Phresher is riding high and ready for 2019. To share how focused he is on his next few move, the energetic rapper delivers a freestyle for XXL's Flex Zone series.

Kicking the freestyle off on a boisterous note, Phresher gets right to it. "Damn right, do everything my hand write/I guess that's just the difference between me and you, because I am Mike," he raps.

Of course, he explains a little further and name-drops one of the most famous NBA players on Earth: "MJ of this rap shit, you a bitch nigga/Actress with no assets, I slap shit/Then jump on stage and do cartwheels and backflips." He keeps going, with his mascot playing the background. "Keep it more raw than G-Star denim/Fuck niggas, they don't fuck with us and we don't fuck with them," Phresher rhymes.

Speaking of the mascot, Phresher first introduced him with the release of his song, "My Buddy," in January. The mascot's name is Buddy Banks, a nod to one of Phresher's late friends. "I wish my best friend Banks was here to see it and said I need a symbol to represent his energy. So Buddy Banks the mascot was born," Phresher shares. A thoughtful gesture from a good friend.

Check out Phresher's freestyle up top.

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