Phora displays plenty of brutal honesty in his latest release. The Warner Bros. Records artist teams with director George Orozco to create a music video for "Sinner Pt. 2," which Phora calls the most difficult record he has ever written.

"I wrote this song when I was at my lowest point in life," he said. "Everything was changing around me... family, friends, my life. I started losing people, forever, and I started to notice myself changing. This is me being me 100% and not holding anything back. Everything out in the open."

The striking visual, which includes a scene of a police officer hanging a man, invokes intense feelings in the viewer. The video adds weight to a song that is already a heavy listen on its own.

“Why I feel like I've been in this place before/I just can't take no more/I just can't smile like I'm still me, I just can't fake no more/I try to be all I can but that wasn't enough for them/We can't find love so we replace it with these drugs again/I drink from this bottle, dog, it's my only friend/I'm so scared to be alone again/Fake smile on my face/I just can't keep pretending like I don't pretend,” Phora raps on the opening verse.

Watch Phora's "Sinner Pt. 2" video below and heck out his Yours Truly tour dates via this link.

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