Pharrell rode into the VMAs last Sunday in style, leading a bike gang full of BMXers such as Nigel Sylvester and briefly causing everyone to turn and stare. But eye-catching antics were just a part of the philosophy behind that decision—it was also a promotion for the new company he is launching in partnership with Sylvester.

The company will be called Brooklyn Machine Works, and will sell BMX bikes with components from Animal Bikes. "Nigel will continue to be one of our main team riders and run all our products with his frames, said Animal's Ralph Sinisi in a post on his company's website. "Look for those at bicycle shops in the near future. Everyone knows Nigel has big plans and this is just a preview of what to expect."

And just when we thought Pharrell's summer couldn't get busier. What's even left for Skateboard P to get up to?