Book stores rejoice, Pharrell has a deal, to make books that ask children how happy they feel. According to Billboard, the cat in the hat has a new deal with Putnam to bring us just that. The publisher said that on Sep. 22, a new book is coming--for kids, just like you! The title is "Happy," and just like the song, there are pictures of laughing and playing along. The book is the first in a series of four, the plots of the next three have yet to be told.

Pharrell has been happy, and calm and the richest--even if others are getting litigious. On "Blurred Lines" with Robin and Tip and the gang, the Gaye family heard a song Marvin had sang. But while lawyers and judges try garnering wages, The Voice marches on and the court battle rages.

Pharrell has won Grammys, 11 exact. Two were for "Happy," and some were with Chad. His last album, Girl, had four nominations--the record went gold, half a mil' in this nation! Don't worry, he'll still put that talent to use, at press time he's working on records with Snoop.

The singer is humble, unlikely to boast, but Apple said last year that he sold the most.