Congratulations are in order for Love & Hip Hop star Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz, as the on-again off-again couple have welcomed their third child into the world, Life & Style reports. Gunner Ethan Pankey was born on Feb. 13 at 1:25 a.m. at 6lb. 15oz. joining the couple's two sons Jamison, 7, and Kaz, 3.

“Words can’t express this new love and addition to my family. We are so happy! Jamison and Kaz are excited to have a baby brother! He is just perfect!” Wallace told Life & Style.

In a late January episode of the reality show, Gunz had worked to repair his relationship with Amina, something he found difficult after Wallace revealed that she was 18 weeks pregnant with his child. The rapper expressed shame from his actions and viewed himself  as a failure as a man. As explained in the XXL recap, he was tired of hurting the people he loves and planned to right his wrongs.

What that means with regard to his newborn son with Wallace isn't immediately clear, but Gunz did post a picture of Amina to Instagram on Monday (Feb. 15), writing, "Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary... Love u world."

No pictures of the newborn son have been posted to social media, like Kid Ink and his fiancee Asiah Azante, did when they welcomed their newborn daughter last week. Congratulations again are extended to Wallace and Gunz as they forge forward with latest addition.

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